Issues with new format

I see that lingq changed again. I really liked the last update,but this new one makes no sense. it would be better if the updates were more minimal. not such a big leap.
browsing through my courses,and ones i haven’t yet taken it displays no info.(ie blue words 0 yellow words 0 lessons 0)
I’m trying to choose a new course based on how many avg new words per lesson but it’s displaying NO INFO.
And courses that are already complete,it says blue words:2500 or something like that. basically including every word in the blue word count. i open it and check a bunch of lessons and of course, no blue words. because i completed the whole course.

And i can’t for the life of me figure out how to import a new course from the library. it only allows me to browse courses that i’ve already brought in to study.

Anyone with help or advice would be much appreciated.

I primarily use the Lingq app on my samsung s9 if that matters.

Hi sutoeben,
The issue with not all courses/lessons being displayed on My Lessons tab is now fixed and you should see a complete list there again.
Incorrect number of new words for courses is also a bug. We are looking into it and we hope to have it fixed soon too.

You can see a “+” button on the top right, where you will find Import lessons and Import e-book option. If you are importing a lesson, you will be able to create a new course for it too on the edit lesson page.

thank you for your response on this matter.
To search for a new lesson, you use the magnifying glass in the top right ,correct?
now I can search by level,but it seems to include both finished as well as new courses.
any way to filter this further?
and for the new words issue, i’ll be patient and wait.
Thanks and appreciate you getting back to me on it.