Issue with new Tutor page

I generally like the new tutor page. However:

  1. if I select to view only tutors for Polish, the default language for conversation requests should be… Polish! I shouldn’t need to select if from the dropdown list;
  2. said dropdown list should ideally show only the languages a given tutor can hold conversations in.
    I don’t know how difficult it can be to solve these issues, but I hope it is doable!

@mikebond - Good suggestions! I have added them to the list.

Thanks Mark. I see that point 1 was fixed. When I am on Polish and click on “Find a tutor”, the default language for conversation requests is Polish. However, it appears I can request a Polish conversation to any tutor, including those who don’t know Polish (like Vera). So I hope point 2 will be fixed soon. Thanks for listening!