Issue with Deletion + Additional issue

  1. First issue:

I deleted mandarin chinese simplified to start over, and I keep seeing “ghost LingQs” that I know I haven’t made. The word is blue, but when I click on it, it says I already made a LingQ for it, and when I go into my LingQ list, I don’t actually see the word.

  1. Second issue

Issue on Android

I see where Constantine has uploaded some “import your own courses”, on android I just see blank pages and it seems to be a bug, but when I go onto desktop I can see that the course is infact a course that prompts you to import your own content.

This course: 求索科教 for example.


  1. Does this happen on website or Android too? Can you record a video of this and send it over to support(at) Thanks!

  2. Thanks, we will look into this.

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