Issue using arrow keys


When I use the arrow keys to move between words in LingQ lessons, sometimes the position of the text moves off screen. Most often slightly to the left so that some of the text isn’t visible.

Other times, instead of going to the next word, the arrow keys skip to the next page of the lesson. It happens regularly but seemingly at random (it’s not that I’m at the end of the page).

I use the latest version of Chrome on a windows pc.

Here’s a screenshot

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Can you please try clearing cache and cookies and let me know if that helps? Thanks!


Hi Zoran!

Thanks for the reply! Clearing cache and cookies worked on my desktop computer, seems to have fixed all the issues there.

I tried doing the same on my laptop, which fixed the issue with arrow keys randomly skipping to the next page. However, it still changes the position of the text when moving to the next page. When I’m at the end of the page and use arrow keys, the first press changes the page, and the second moves all the text to the middle like in the screenshot.

Any ideas? Thanks for the technical support btw!

We had another users complaining about the same problem and we are trying to figure out what’s happening and how to reproduce it.
Next time you encounter the problem, can you please take a screenshot of browser’s error console and send it to support(at) Thanks.

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You could perhaps try another browser. I am having problems (different ones, so it seems) with the arrows and the arrow keys as well in Chrome. The problems were even worse in Edge, but I just tried with Opera and that seems to work just fine and that’s a great relief.

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I see, hope it’s an easy fix! I sent an email now with screenshots of the console, hope it helps to figure out the problem.

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Perfect, thanks a lot. I’ll look into it.

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