Issue: Problem with adding a picture to a new collection

Hi dear LingQ team, I would like to share the 1st lesson of the collection Who is she? in modern Greek “Ποια είναι;” The issue is I can’t add a picture for this collection. I can start by uploading a picture but after I can’t import it. (browser: Google Chrome). Thanks for your help

In the meanwhile have you tried another browser? This is often the fastest solution.

I reported this issue last Sunday with a bit more detail (cache cleared, cross-tested on Firefox). But there was no reply from support. Now I just live with the problem.

Hi MissTake,
We are sorry to hear that you have problem to load an image. Which device are you using?

Hi Deahna,
Did you reported this issue to support email? Be sure that we don’t miss any email and I wasn’t able to find any received from you last sunday. Not sure what happened. Anyway, which device are you using? We do have report that this issue exist on Mac, are you using Mac too?
Thanks for letting us know about the issue and thanks for your patience!

Yes, I’m using a mac mini with OS X 10.9.5

It’s not such a big problem since I know how to get the picture right but I was quite startled when I first came across it.

Thanks for additional informations. We are working on it and it should be fixed soon.

Hi zoran,

I have tried with 2 PC (with Chrome and with Firefox last versions).

"Please select cropping area. Press ‘Finish’ when done.
You can move highlighted area and change it’s size with the mouse.

Sorry. There was an error on the server."

Hi MissTake,
Sorry about that and thanks for additional informations. Our team is working to fix this issue. Thanks for your patience.