Is three months enough for learning the Japanese language?

Rio cops armed with Japanese language - The Japan News

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Now that they are armed, let’s hope they do not butcher the language.


I hope I am not butchering the English language, although I am not armed.

No way. You are nearing the ‘skilfully-filleting-the-language’ stage.

Three months? “We took two lessons a week…”

“3 months, 2 lessons a week”

~90 days in 3 months, so about 12.8 weeks. 2 lessons a week, so ~25.7 lessons, assume about 2 hours a lesson, so 51.4 hours of exposure?

No. Not for any language unless Spanish-Catalan or Norwegian-Swedish etc.

I can speak Japanese fluently. I only know a few words, but I speak them fluently.