Is this too much?

I think I may be doing too much.

In school, we’re forced to take Spanish (our teacher bought Rosetta Stone xD)

I take weekly French lessons out of school, as my parents make me.

Next year I’ll be dropping Spanish and then Latin for four years (going to high school).

AND THEN ON TOP OF ALL THAT I’m teaching myself Dutch here (not doing too well, although much more engaged than in my French or Spanish class/lesson things).

Is this too much? :S

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Well, I can count out Spanish. It’s crap at my school… I mean, we have a desperate teacher… he bought Rosetta Stone? :open_mouth:

French is OK… “R’s” are trouble for me, not used to making that sound with that part of my mouth (and then writing it… too many useless letters and such).

I mean, guess it isn’t too much… but it is flirting with too much.

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I also wouldn’t be too down on my Spanish teacher. At least your teacher recognizes her shortcomings… Now, if she would only have you use LingQ for Spanish instead of Rosetta, you would all be on your way! Seriously though, you are more likely to learn from a resource like LingQ than from a teacher. A teacher can help motivate you and answer questions you have but they can’t “teach” you the language. You have to learn it.

French has useless letters, and so does English. Every language has some aspects that we may consider annoying. It is only when we start to like these features that we really start learning.

I would focus my energies on one language at a time, or at least have on major and one minor. You can then switch every 6 months.

If you have been doing Spanish, I would give it a good shot here at LingQ, but it all depends on your motivation. What do you want to learn?

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@Steve Spanish I’ve never had much interest in, we have to take a language at our school and Spanish is the only one :frowning:

I’m focusing more on French, might start it here at LingQ. Been learning it for a while but very far form fluent.

And, yeah… the letters in french do some justice in pronunciation… but it’s all those “eaux” things that make me cringe.

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If they make you cringe you won’t like the language. Have you thought, though, of the plight of someone learning English. The letters are often redundant, as you know, and there is no rhyme or reason for their usage, how they’re used, that is.

True. English, it’s an awkward language.

Ph, Th, Sh, ngth. I mean, sometimes “ngth” is confusing… much like “eaux”

“eaux” is fun to say :smiley:

just not to spell

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Like “Restaurant?”

To my knowledge it’s the same in English, French, and Dutch.
It’s a useful word, restaurant.

If you want to learn a language where every letter makes sense, I would suggest Finnish. Once you learn the basics, dictation is a breeze!