Is this happening to youu as well?

Could someone check out for me " Le edad de oro- Meñique" so I can then delete it please? It seems there are no words on it.

Could you post a link to the lesson?

Here’s a link to the first one I found:

looks like that link doesn’t work. Try this:

This is actually a link to your own lesson – to post one that others can access you have to go to the Collection page and copy the URL from there. It will be something like /…/…/53845/23245/buy/

I’ve tried opening the collection and also searching for it but it doesn’t seem to be there. The lesson hasn’t got any audio either. Have I found a fault and should I delete it?

It sounds like the lesson might be set to “Private”. If that’s the case then don’t worry about it, as new users won’t be able to access it anyways.

ahh, i see it now. I just went on my editors pencil and saw it was set to private.