Is this happening to me only?

I can not see any content in the library.
Besides, I can not create lingQs, nor can I push “I know” / “tasks” buttons.
( I see the buttons, but they don’t respond)
Is this happening to me only?

I thought it depended on my configuration, but it’s happening to mee too, using FireFox on winxp; weird thing is that 10 minutes ago it was working fine.

Thank you for replying to my post quickly.
I use safari on Mac.

Your post made me relieved a lot because at least I was convinced that I am
not the only one to experience this!

It’s happening to me, too. I cannot see any content in the library and I cannot create LingQs on my lesson page now. I’m using FireFox 3.6.3 on WinXP.
I hope it will fix soon.

Thank you, Nobuo!
I really appreciate your kind support!

As I have written on your wall, I am enjoying VOA, which you imported.
They are so good. I should have listened to them earlier.

Me too, there’s a javascript error on every page. I’m told that my browser (IE 7.0) isn’t the best for LingQ (it works perfect for any other website though), so I’m somewhat “happy” that even Firefox users are having problems now…

It happens to me too - and I am using IE newest version. It worked fine until just now. Guess that there is system problem at the moment.

Me too. I am in panic. Is it too much to expect to get a quick response from LinkQ stuff ? At least with some comment ?

Is it too much to expect to get a quick response from LinkQ stuff ? At least with some comment ?

Most of them are sleeping now, I guess :slight_smile:

Additionally I cannot change to another language.
@ Sam - in my oppinion yes it would be too much expecting a 24hour service. I assume that we will get information asap. So is my experience so far.

Ha ha ha. I guess you are right!

As for me, some functionalities still work but the lingquing for instance.

So seems the website is broken today. I got problems on chrome on windows.

It is 6.24 in the morning here. I just woke up. I think Mark will be up in an hour or so. Sorry for the inconvenience. We will get at it as soon as we can.

There was a problem with update to a new version, but all errors are fixed now. Please, try reloading the page - the problems should go away.

Many thanks jmv.

all is working fine again, now.


Dictionary functions and lingqing do not work yet.
Other than these, everything is fine now.
Sorry, if this is happening to me only…

what web browser are you using?

I use Safari on Mac.