Is these any chance that there will be lessons for Cantonese?

I know it’s being spoken less and less these days but I’d like to know if there are any plans for Cantonese lessons on this site? I’m liking what I’ve seen on this site so far but right now Cantonese would be of much more use to me than Mandarin. So yeah, any plans?

Cantonese is in the plans. We just can’t seem to get to adding new languages. Be patient a little while longer.

Yay! Thanks for getting back to me so soon. I understand it may take a while but I’m happy that it’s being planned.

Hey Mark, would you have an idea when new ones could be released? Just wondering and Thank you.

Actually all forms of Chinese will be dropped, not enough speak them.

I honestly can’t give a timeline. (Thank you for stepping in blindside70. :slight_smile: )

We will want to fix Asian language functionality before we add any new languages. Hopefully, we can do all these things in the next two or three months.