Is there someone who is living in a gated community?

“Some gated communities, usually called guard-gated communities, are staffed by private security guards and are often home to high-value properties, and/or are set up as retirement villages. Some gated communities are secure enough to resemble fortresses and are intended as such.” Gated community - Wikipedia Gated community - Wikipedia

  1. Do you think that the number of such communities is going to increase?
  2. Do you think that living in such a community costs you too much money?

I think, that number of such communities is going to increase, because difference in financial position of people rises.

  1. Do you think that the number of such communities is going to increase?

If we are discussing gated communities in the US then I think it depends on what state you are talking about. In places like the Southwest or Florida where people go to retire there will probably be an increase in gated communities. In most areas of the country I don’t think there will be an increase because most people are not willing to pay the premium for security.

  1. Do you think that living in such a community costs you too much money?

This depends on how much you value security. If you think you live in a rather secure neighborhood and you don’t really feel like your home will be invaded then yes it’s to expensive. If you are concerned about your personal safety and the safety of your property then if you can afford it I say it is not too expensive.

“To enter some gated communities, the person must be a registered resident with photo ID or the person must have a friend in the gated community who gives specific permission (via phone or internet) to the security guards at the gate to this effect ‘my friend Joe Smith will visit me in the next hour or so, his drivers licence number is XXXXXX, let him in’.”

There are no gated communities in Japan, but I suppose that a lot of expensive condominiums have such a system.

"Some are forbidden to any children. "
Are you referring to Sun City?

There are apartment buildings for adults only, with no pets allowed, with pets allowed, and there are gated communities…what is the big deal. It is called freedom of choice.

Pierre, you are free to think as you wish. You cannot impose your way of thinking on others. You cannot impose your views on others. But you are entitled to your views, of course.

Is there a difference between pets and children? Please explain.


Thanks. We are planning a LingQ for kids, but might give some thought to a LingQ for pets as well.

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I think maybe you are misinterpreting the reason people live in a place with no children or pets. Many people, especially older people, want to live in a neighborhood that is quiet and well kept. They don’t want to live somewhere where kids are running up and down the street yelling and playing, and they don’t want to hear the neighbor’s dog barking at night time. They choose to live in a place like this because it’s peaceful and quiet. Also, usually these gated communities require well kept lawns, or they provide a lawn service. This is to ensure that the community always looks nice.

“The original playground for America’s elderly By Kevin Connolly” – BBC News, Sun City BBC News - The original playground for America's elderly

“The original playground for America’s elderly” By Kevin Connolly, BBC News, Sun City BBC News - The original playground for America's elderly

@Pierre “This kind of gate is as bad as the Berlin Wall.”

You should respect other’s choices. Everybody has the right to live how he/she wants. And of course, you don’t like that other people tell you how you should live, do you?

Do you associate gated communities in the U.S. with Carcassonne, a fortified French town?

Pierre, you are comparing people wanting to live without pets and kids around them with the Berlin wall. It doesn’t make sense to me.
Like I said before, everybody has the right to live how he/she wants. If some people want to live in a certain way, and they don’t bother anyone, I can’t see what’s wrong with that.

“If the community is to be truly balanced, so long as classes exist, all must be represented in it.”
Refer to “The New Towns Record”

What is wrong is to impose to people how they have to live, in my view.
In a country, people decide how to live by means of the governments (elected by the people of the country) which do laws and regulate things like the one we are discurssing.