Is there anyway to get the annual or other subscriptions cheaper?

Hello everyone.
I’m learning my fourth language and there’s no appropriate language learning app made in my country or even others.
Due to the financial crisis here in Iran, affording a plan for students can be challenging as it is.
There’s no way to get it cheaper?

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Which languages are you learning? I’d suggest you propose to become a librarian for one of them. This will only make sense if you would be importing and organizing, and improving timestamps on the lessons anyway. If you do enough of that ‘work of love’ most of the lessons need, you can earn free months one at a time. It’s quite time intensive, so it wouldn’t make sense for everyone.


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You can also consider trying out language learning browser extensions like Language Reactor (use on YouTube), Context Reverso (use on texts, like news websites, etc.), and ImTranslator (use on texts).