Is there anyone willing to provide me a home stay for a day in Rome?

I will be landing on August 1 and will stay till August 7 in Italy. Rome will be my first city to visit then I will explore other cities. Most hotels/hostels online are asking for credit card details but I would prefer to pay cash upon my arrival. This is what I did during my recent visits to Thailand and Maylasia. Im glad I could reserve my booking via email without payment because it was turned out that hotels werent what I was expecting from pictures. I dont want to go through any refund hassles and such.

  1. Can you provide me a booking website where I can reserve a single room without payment in advance?

or else

  1. An italian host can send me an invitation letter with his /hercomplete address details alongwith a scan copy of biodata of Italian passport or ID.

I would really appreciate any help whatsoever in this regard. Thanks.

Italians are nice people. They booked a room for me on the basis of my confirmed airline ticket.

However, it is a strange requirement to give credit card details in advance as a guarantee.