Is there any Limit on Translations?

Is there any limit to the number of sentence we can translate?
If I translate 1 sentence, does it count as using up 1 lingq?
Also what happens to my Linq’s after I stop paying for subscription?
Will I be able to see them at least?

Yes, one saved sentence is counted as 1 LingQ.
To keep your data saved after downgrading, you can activate the Vacation plan, and keep data saved for as long as you want for $2/month.

Hi @zoran
Thanks, but I actually meant if I click on the “Show Translation” button.
I am not saving the translated sentence. I am just clicking on the button.
I ask because it has a crown icon on it which tends to mean a premium feature.

Ah, yes. Show translation button, in the sentence mode, is a Premium feature and only Premium users can use it.