Is there an iPad app for LingQ? Why no audio on my vocabulary words?

I was trying to do a lesson on my iPad last night but the play button for the audio would not work. Is that because I need to be using an iPad app for LingQ?

Also, on my laptop, when I look up my vocabulary words and I click on a specific word - let’s say “acheter”, for instance. Next to the word “acheter” is a sound icon. So I click on that expecting to hear the word being spoken, but I get no audio. Is that an error, or is that only a feature available for Plus and/or Premium accounts?

It seems from looking at other forums that it’s clear that an iPad app is in the works, and I’m not the only one with audio playback problems when trying to use LingQ on my iPad. But if someone could still help me with my second question that would be great. Thanks!

@ScratcherFC - The audio player on the site does not work on iOS devices since it is a flash based player and those devices don’t support flash. We are working on an HTML5 player which will work on your device. It will be in our next update expected within a month. To listen on your device you can either download the audio files into iTunes or install the iLingQ app which you can find in the App Store.

Regarding the text to speech function for words, there are some issues currently with Firefox and Internet Explorer. These issues will also be addressed in our new update. If the text to speech isn’t working for you, try using the site in Chrome if you have it or can get it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Ok, great. Thanks!

Hold down the green play button and select Open in new tab. Switch to the new tab and press play. Switch back and study. Works for me every time.

and word pronunciation works fine for me too on the iPad.

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Thanks for the tip! That worked for me too.