Is there a way to view a list of all your known words?

So I get how to view my “vocabulary”, i.e. my current lingqs. But can I view a list of all the words I’ve marked as known?

Also I am curious if different forms of the same word are all considered different words.

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Apply a filter on the vocabulary page. “Filters” option is on the righthand side and pops up this popup where you can select just “known words”, then “apply”. Different forms of the same word are considered different words.


Follow-up question on that. I have noticed there are some differences in behavior between a word I sent to known via paging, and one I marked as known manually. Do you know if both are displayed here?

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I tried that and it seems to just show you your prior Lingqs which you’ve marked as learned, and not all the other ones you never marked as lingqs. But thanks, I appreciate the response.


Interesting. Yes, it appears you are correct about that. I just tried setting a blue word to known (I know it) and did not find in vocabulary. While suprising, ultimately this doesn’t bother me as I know it already. If you already know it, I’m curious what you are wanting to do with it in the vocabulary section? Or was it one that got accidentally marked as known and you want to find and revert it?


Actually, here are two lists: the list of known words and the list of Lingqs. Until now, I have not found a way to access the list of known words. So once the word is in it, it will remain there.


Still no way to view and remove items from the list of known and deleted words?

As far as I know, the only way to remove items from the list of known words is by finding them again in a text and marking them as unknown, or (I guess) by deleting the language entirely and starting over.

Why would you want to know anyway? If you accidentally missed one and paged it into the known words, it’s bound to reappear sooner or later.

I read books in e-reader and use Lingq to quickly scan through imported book, spot new words/phrases, and add them to the Lingq dictionary for SRS learning. When words get accidentally marked as known this introduces obvious issues to the workflow. And Lingq is famous for aggressive adding words to known (e.g. if you forgot to disable “Paging moves to known”, or clicked on the “Finish lesson”). Being able to view the list of known words (ideally with a Date Added column) will enable finding and deleting these inadvertently added words. For me this is the top 1 missing feature.

I don’t see how LingQ is being “aggressive” in adding words to known when the user’s actions are always what move words to known. As far as I know, it’s always been a feature of LingQ that unmarked words get logged as known. We all know that’s how it works, and there’s an option to turn it off if we don’t like it.

But I agree that being able to view and edit the list of known words would be a much needed feature.

Hi Pr0metheus. Sorry, this was not proper from my side to use the term “aggressive”. But you got the point.
By the way, in another thread, user WillowMeDown shared an API link that allows you to download the list of all known words for your account! This is not as user-friendly as native UI support on the app side, but still, this is a great work-around for the issue - How to see and remove known words? - #7 by WillowMeDown

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