Is there a way to reactivate the pinyin toggle? (Chinese)

I havent changed my settings so far but at the desktop version I am currently not able to get the pinyin toggle, which I could usually see when I clicked on a word I didnt know. Now when I click on some words, I only see the chinese characters and of course my choosen translation but Im missing the option for pinyin.

Do you have it enabled under the settings? (Settings > Reader)?

On the browser version, for some reason LingQ now combines pop-up and in-text transliterations (at least for Chinese). So you only have it in the pop-up if you also have it displayed above the lesson text. Naturally, I strongly oppose this…

Thanks for your replies! I do not use the pinyin shown above the characters in a written text I would just like to be able to see the pinyin when I click on a word, even though I the general pinyin output in the reader is deactivated. A few days ago it seemed to be working. It should be the same issue as in the post " Chinese - pinyin gone?" created like 5 days ago.

Thanks, we will look into it