Is there a way for me to fine tune the speed at which words are marked as learned?

I suspect I need to see many words repeated about twice as much as LingQ gives me before it marks a new word as fully learned. Is there any way to make LingQ hold off on marking words as fully learned, or do I just have to reset some words manually?

Word status increases automatically +1 when you guess it correctly twice in a row during a review. It goes the other way -1 if you guess wrongly twice in a row.
That can’t be changed at the moment, but you can always adjust the word status manually.

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I thought that might be the case. Is this the case for both review and regular reading through a text? I.e. does it give you +1 if you read a word in a text twice in a row without clicking on it?

Are there any plans in the works to make this more configurable?

I was thinking that it might be good to be able to adjust it so that:

Fastest: +1 when you guess correctly twice in a row.
Medium: +1 when you guess correctly three times in a row.
Slowest: +1 when you guess correctly four times in a row.

We don’t have any changes in plan at the moment, but I’ll add your suggestion to our wishlist.
Word status increase/decrease only during the review.