Is there a maximum import size?

I was trying to import an ebook with the new function, and the site only created one lesson from it, the rest never appeared. Then I tried uploading it in plain text, and the same thing happened. Then, I tried to only paste in 1/3 of the book and that worked.

Is there an upper limit as to how many lessons the site can sparse out of a large text file? The total size of the whole book would’ve been about 150 lessons.

@t_harangi There is no limit and you should be able to import a whole book without problem. Can you please send us text you are trying to import to support(at) so that we can try to import it on our end? Thanks!

The same thing has just happened to me when trying to import a new Epub book. Besides, the first lesson repeats twice the beginning of the book

This is the same issue I am having.

Update: I tried with a different format and I could upload it seamlessly. So far:

  • I’ve tried to import an Epub in Russian several times. Every time I only got the first part
  • I tried importing a different Epub (this time in German) and it worked
  • I got a Mobi version of the first book (fortunately offers each title in different formats) and I could upload it without problem

I’m having an issue like this, too. When I tried importing plain text, as I used to before, it only uploaded Lesson 1. The rest of the book did not import.