Is the West institutionally infected with Russophobia?

My prof in Latvia had an interesting take on president Putin. She said that he steals and lies just like they all do, but loves the fact that he helped Russians to be proud of who they are as a people. So we can give Putin that.

Apparently the 90s were ridiculously tough times and seeing president Yeltsin drunk on TV didn’t help.

Aside from that I think it’s hard to make the argument that he’s either better or worst than May, Obama or Trudeau.

“The question of whether Russia’s leader Vladimir Putin has got material with which he could blackmail Donald Trump is for now unknowable and misses the point by a country mile: the two men think alike.
Mr Trump’s belief in American traditionalism and dislike of scrutiny echo the Kremlin’s tune: nation, power and aversion to criticism are the new (and very Russian) world order.
You could call this mindset Trumputinism.
The echo between the Kremlin and Trump Tower is strong, getting louder and very, very good news for Mr Putin.”
“The danger is that in allying yourself with the Kremlin in the way they fight “Islamist fascism” in say, Aleppo, you end up siding with what some have called ‘Russian fascism’ or, at least, abandoning democratic values and the rules of war and, in so doing, become a recruiting sergeant for ISIS.”
BBC News - Who are the figures pushing Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin together? Home - BBC News

“…the two men think alike…”

The bones of many a poor rival property developer lie entombed in he foundations of Trump Tower, perhaps?

I wonder if this is a good example of British humour tinted with pro-Trumputism.

I wonder what the anti-Clintonistic humour looks like.

I should be grateful if you would tell me the title of the video.

Oh, we’re gonna be missing her voice and pantsuits.


I could give you plenty of Bill and Monica jokes…but this is a family forum, so we don’t want to make people (how shall we say?) swallow too hard…

@jaliscostate: “…Oh, we’re gonna be missing her voice and pantsuits…”

…not! :smiley:

I thought being in college, I’d be surrounded by more people that value simpler things and good conversations. Turns out, I was mostly wrong.

I would like to reference a somewhat unknown cult film, God Bless America:

Currently, I am really irritated that the democrats and the media are focusing so much on Russia BS when they should be going after trump right now for his obvious conflict of interests, hypocrisies, and the republican healthcare crime that is taking place in our congress as we speak.

Yes. And I don’t consider myself unpatriotic but I’m far more concerned about my own government actions across the world than Russia’s, which seems to be something lost on the media.

If short - YES!

Who gave you the right to determine whose unsavory nature of regime, and whose not?

Isn’t is something like the employer has to pay part of his employees’ insurance on top of their salary? If so, this is awful and reminds me of how it works in my province. My parents pay their employees 49$ an hour and they (the employees) get 15.50$ in their pockets after taxes, union, insurance, etc. Both employees and employers get robbed by the socialists.

I don’t mean to provoke you but wanted to ask since you mention Obamacare in every other post and I agree that just dismissing Obamacare and not providing true, faisible alternatives is very child like.

For the conflict of interests, I think it’s cool that we know it’ll end up being more golf courses and hotels, don’t you think??