Is the number of words for for completing a 'Hardcore challenge' proportional to your current known word count?

I started using using Lingq a month ago to brush up on my chinese (loving it so far by the way), and at that time I joined the ‘Hardcore Chinese Challenge’ and when I had basically no known words registered the number of known words I needed to reach was around 500 words over 90 days. A month later I joined the latest challenge as well and found that now the number of required new known words was more than 4 times higher in order to complete this challenge. It seems to be the same with the number of Lingqs etc. Will these numbers be different for each user depending on their word count when they start the challenge? Also, will this number keep scaling with my number of known words so that for future challenges even more new words are needed? I really enjoy a challenge so I’m kind of hoping that it does :slight_smile: