Is the LingQ Android app supposed to sync with web version?

Hi there,

To keep it short and simple; I’ve gotten to grips with the web version of LingQ, including importing text and audio and adding new courses and lessons. I decided to check out the Android app on my mobile phone to get to used to that, for when I decide to use LingQ when I’m out and about. However, I notice that it essentially starts from scratch, asking you to choose a language when you launch it. This means all the content on the web version is NOT synced over onto my Android app.

I am definitely logged into the same account as on the website and I have made sure the app is up to date. So am I just misunderstanding something? Does the app not take over any content you’ve accumulated on the website at all?

Thanks in advance

Are you using regular app version or you are in Beta program already?
On the production version currently available on the Google Play, all the courses you were studying on the web should appear under My Courses list on the app too. Does that happen for you?
New beta version is huge improvement in both performance and design and if you are interested, just let me know and I’ll be glad to add you into beta program and allow you to use the new app version right away. Just contact me on zoran(at) and let me know which email address you are using for Google Play account on your device. Thanks.

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Almost the same problem for me: LingQ appears to synchronize the “My Courses” tab, but the other two - “Playlists” and “Daily LingQs” - remain empty.
I’m also surprized the menu still shows the “Upgrade to Premium” option though I’ve already upgraded.

Should I ask for the beta version too?

Current app version shows “Upgrade to Premium” option even if you are Premium already, but no worries you do have unlimited access on it.
I added you to Beta group too. Please check your email.

Hey Zoran, How are you? I would like to use the lingq beta…can you add me on the whitelist, please?

I added you to beta, please check your email.

Hey zoran! About the beta app, Do I need to send bugs when I found some or just stand still?

Hi Zoran, unrelated to this topic but I have a question concerning Beta version. Does the team consider providing an option to download the .mp3 files to our phone in the Android App? We can download them via web interface.

Hey Helton, I invited you to join the Basecamp, where we discuss about the new app, and we will appreciate if you can leave your feedbacks and suggestions there. Thanks!

For now it’s not possible to download audio via app, but if you load audio for a lesson while you are online, you will be able to listen it later in offline mode too.

I got your email. I’ve already asked about some doubts of mine and got a really great feedback! Thanks!

Hi Zoran, would you be kind enough to count me in for the beta too?

Sure thing! Please contact me on zoran(at) and let me know which email address you are using for Google Play account on your device. Thanks!