Is the 90 day challenge ending at the same time for everybody?


I began the 90 days challenge some days ago before Steve started it. (i mean i selected the option on the lingq menu, i dont know if actually i started that day)

When is it going to end this challenge? the Same day for everybody? or exactly 90 days after the date you started?

It would be good to have some countdown in the Lingq page, so i make sure i dont miss it.

It started January 15 and ends April 15. Even if you signed up before this date it didn’t actually start until then. They do send an email out once a week to let you know what week we are on.

When I look on the Echange ‘90 day challenge’ scoreboard I only see ten people. Is this really the definative list. Where is Josu for instance?

I’m pretty sure they just show the top 15, based on activity score or something. I don’t think they have a list of everybody participating. They have only mentioned how many participants there are.

I can only see 10. Some of the scores are very low so i don’t think these are the top 10. Maybe it just the list of those in the 90 day challenge studying Czech.

For motivation it’d be good to have a better table.

Yes, they show the top 15 for each language so there is probably only 10 people learning Czech. You can change the language you are viewing or even look at participants learning all languages (that shows the top of the top) if you like. Simply go to the sub heading that says, “Showing all studying Czech from all countries.” Click on Czech and a list of other languages appears including the option of all languages, then you simply pick the one you want and click on the ‘90 Day Challenge’ score board. That’s how I keep motivated.