Is modern still modern?

I am interested in “modern.” Is the word still used to signify modern, that is, the present time? You can find “現代の” and “近代の”, in the descriptions of the word, if you consult an English-Japanese Dictionary.
We think that ”近代” began in the Meiji period in Japanese history, and don’t think it is “近代” now. Is “modern” still modern in English-speaking countries?

I think it is no longer quite modern. It seems to have become a word belonging to the standard vocabulary. There’s not much left of “Thoroughly Modern Millie”. It no longer seems all that avant-garde or fashionable to be modern if ever it was.

I thought we were all post-modern now? Or is that a bit old-fashioned already?

A long time ago, in 1920’s, there were MOBO (modern boys) and MOGA(modern girls) walking on the streets in Japan. I suppose that their fashion was deeply influenced by the western culture at that time. If they are still alive, they might be over 110 years old.

in 1920’s → in the 1920’s

I think historians use “modern” to refer to the period since 1789, or since 1648 depending on the country. I think most people use modern to mean contemporary, like now. Modern technology refers to the Internet etc. I think most people do not know what post-modern mean, including many who use the term.

I learned it from the Simpsons, who defined it as “weird for the sake of being weird”.