Is listening without paying attention a good idea? I find it hard to focus

Is listening without paying attention a good idea? I find it hard to focus.

If you are just starting out in a language in which the sounds, tone, pitch etc. is very foreign, then listening without paying attention can be helpful. However, active listening in which you are noticing patterns and words is the most beneficial from my experience

I’d start with shorter listening sessions that allow you to focus for the whole time. As you improve in the language, you’ll be able to focus for longer.

Is it ok if I put it on slow speed?

Do whatever helps you. What might be helpful for me or anyone else may not help you. So if you feel that listening without paying attention is beneficial, then do it

I always wanted to slow it down at first. However, after only a few weeks of this on a regular basis, you can listen at regular speed so that there is no distortion of the voice. I now find listening in small segments more effective than listening at slow speed.

When I started, alternating slow speed then natural speed helped me (listening for 1-2 minutes and repeating). Keeping focused practices short (under 5 minutes) helped me. Background listening (like when driving) helped me a lot too, which is mostly unfocused listening. After a few hundred hours, you’ll naturally focus more and more and comprehend more and more.

No. If you don’t understand what you listening to, or you do, but are not paying attention, it’s not helpful.

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We live in the attention deficit age. Most people can’t maintain concentration for a single minute.

Build up your attention and concentration abilities. It’s a learnable skill.

Start with 10-20 seconds full focus. Then keep building it up.

1 min, 2 min, 5 min… keep going until you can maintain focus for half hour or longer.


I’ll try that, thanks