Is Lingq working on google chrome for anyone?

I still cannot create any lingqs or see any hints on google chrome. Also the right side of the screen is blank when I enter my lessons. The drop down boxes are still not working properly. Essentially Lingq is useless for me right now.

Working fine in Google Chrome for me. The only problem I’ve seen is a pop-up error when I start to create a lingq but this goes away and I manage to get the lingq created or changed. I don’t see a button to click to save a lingq when creating or modifying, but if i put the cursor in a text field and hit enter, it saves.

I find that the right side floats around weirdly if my browser window is too small.

I’m using Chrome version 21.0.1180.81 on Linux.

I’ve got the same problem ,I can’t use lingQ anymore :frowning:
although it works on my iphone pretty well

My only problem while using Chrome is that I can not listen to the lessons.
Besides this, it works just fine ! (to be fair, I did not check everything yet)

just to test

screen doesn’t fit lengthwise for my resolution

safari browser seems to work properly :slight_smile:

I used Chrome for V1 perfectly. Now, I’m having the same issues. I can’t create Lingq’s nor can I hover over a blue word to get the word. No sound on flashcard or multiple choice either. Can’t delete lessons that I moved to “My Lessons” page either. Very frustrated like many at the moment.

Shawn, there are some issues. With regard to LingQing and hovering you may not have watched the video which explains how the new non-hovering system works. For the hovering to work you have to minimize the right hand information pane. I do suggest reading the tutorial or watching the movie. But then maybe you have done so and are still having problems.

Iaing, I will wait for Alex to reply to you since I do not know what can be done. I will follow up with him.

Hi all,

I am having trouble with Google Chrome: e.g. When I click the Library or My lessons, it just doesn’t work. Same when I try to change the display from column to list.

I figured I’ll give it a try in Mozilla Firefox. There everything seems to work except that I don’t see the PLAY button, thus I can’t hear the audio from the website. But the download worked fine.

I am not technical so I can only answer that I am on Chrome and having no problems. Thanks for the feedback and our busy programmers will be looking for answers and solutions.

I use FF 11 and Chrome. LingQ 2.0 ONLY works on Chrome for me.

@chocoardilla - It looks like the audio player won’t appear in Firefox if you don’t have flash installed. Please install flash if you can’t see the audio player. Otherwise, after pressing play the audio player seems a little slow to get started. Just press play and wait to see if it starts. The same goes for Library and My Lessons, leave these pages open for a while and go away and come back. Do they load after 5 minutes or so? We are trying to figure out some kind of pattern here so any information you can provide will be great.

@dooo - is there any particular reason you’re still using FF11? The latest version is 15. Maybe updating will fix the issue?

@ cgreen I am sure you are right. I am using the latest FF that my favorite Ubuntu distro supports. I do not like the latest Ubuntu and I am too lazy to learn to like it :slight_smile:

Haha, trying to avoid using Gnome 3/Unity GUI? I haven’t tried it out yet but heard mostly complaints about it.

I’m using it right now, the only thing that seems to have problems is the “hear” button

PD: Gnome3 Works perfectly if you have a powerful computer (Laptop with i5 and SSD)

Actually on the advice from another thread (thanks Vera) clearing my cache makes it work on FF11. Better than chrome because the only issue I have with chrome is the audio doesn’t work. But all works with FF11… well all except flashcard sound

@mark- thanks. I installed flash and with Firefox and I can see the play button now and hear the lessons audio without problem. However, the audio is not working on the flashcards, dictation, and multiple choice. I tried both in my laptop and 2 desktops in my university.
I’ll get back to you on the Chrome performance.