Is it worth going Premium?

@sarjag I agree that with Japanese there might be some problems that they have improved along the line. I know at least a couple of people here that learn Japanese, and they don’t use an alternative software. They both know other softwares, they both consistently write to the support to fix bugs problems like myself, and they both haven’t switched yet. Because there is not a solid alternative yet.

My answer was for FREE apps that would substitute and do the same job that LingQ does, with the same core philosophy. Not add-ons that you can use together with LingQ.
I have browsers extensions as well for on-the-go translations, but that’s nothing to do what was mentioned before.

The personalized dictionary (or with the free popular meaning when available) is a characteristic of the core philosophy of LingQ. In fact, it is part of the convenience of the methodology. Probably, it is one of the first reasons the software was created by Kaufmann. Input reading and listening, and the convenience to have its own vocabulary already searched, always available.

Of course, if you don’t use LingQ for its philosophy, it makes sense that other alternatives are better for you. But in this case, it has nothing to do with LingQ itself, it means that is not the software for you.

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Unfortunately, the folks at LingQ insist on getting a good number of mini-stories into the system before they consider a language to be past the beta stage. Personally, I don’t really use the mini-stories, as I find them boring. So if I were learning Croatian, the fact that LingQ considered the language to be in the “incubation” stage would not have any impact on me.

The reality is, you can still import Croatian media into LingQ and study with LingQ’s tools, so if you’re willing to do that, and if you’re willing to spend the money to upload and import ebooks and audiobooks, the amount of content is effectively unlimited, despite the lack of mini-stories.

So if you’re like me, I think it would be worth going premium. If, on the other hand, you enjoy doing mini-stories, you might want to hold off until Croatian is fully integrated.


I understand you. I don’t want to underestimate your frustration. I know very well about bugs, in fact, I consider myself an expert on workarounds. :rofl:
I know, it shouldn’t happen, but it does.
I use only the functionalities that usually have less bugs, and I limit myself to what I know it usually works. If something happens to the core functionalities of the software, they usually fix it quite fast. In other situations where it is “less important”, some problems keep happening.

In all these years that I’ve been using LingQ, I have always been able to study every day. I have one streak going on now for something like four years, and I have all 4 languages I study with a streak going on for 1 year. I have never had a problem to complete my daily lessons.
Did I use workarounds? Yes
Did I adapt for few days if something else was broken? Yes
Did I change browser or device if I need to adapt? Yes
Did I change lesson if one is not temporarily working? Yes
And so on…

Does it take me a lot of time? No, usually few minutes to adapt.

Is it the best experience ever? Probably not, but there is nothing I can do about it.

Some things are improving, and the team is listening. In other occasions, I’m afraid but I believe there is nothing anybody can do, unless completely rewrite the entire software. And I don’t think this is gonna happen any time soon. (But that would be another discussion)

Exactly. I practically don’t use anything of the material that is available. I import all my stuff and I create my lessons. This was only why LingQ was created, but for people convenience, there is material available.
I never digested the mini-stories either.

We can create our own mini-stories with a ton of material available online. Or you need to pay for someone to create that material for you if the language is rare. But LingQ can’t take care of that for every language available in the world. That’s an extra. That’s not why we pay for LingQ. And I think this is a confusion as well. I was confused about it as well at the beginning. After a while, your own material and your own way to organise your lessons and course, is the best way to study and learn. Imho.

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