Is it worth going back over old content?

@guitario: You’ll find dialogues in the following collections in the German library. Probably there are more. These are the ones I know about.

Ab jetzt lerne ich Deutsch! German Now! (No knowledge up to Beginner 1)

English translation for lesson 01.01 to 04.13 available!

Ab jetzt lerne ich Deutsch! Privat! (Beginner 2)

Simples dialogues (Beginner 1/2)

English translation available!

Greetings and goodbyes (Beginner 1)

English translation available!

Meine Tochter und ich (Beginner 2)

Who is she? (Beginner 1/2)

English translation available!

Eating out (Beginner 2)

English translation available!

GermanLingQ (Intermediate 1/2)

T*T**T - Ein Podcastkrimi (Intermediate 2)

Detektei Suni & Partner (Intermediate 2)

Dübels Geistesblitz (Intermediate 2)

Der Sonntagssoziologe (Advanced 1)

EDIT: I’ve created a post on my blog with this list: (including dialogues and interviews)

@guitaro: Do you like interviews as well?


Many reasons. They had translations (non literal), the audio was good, each lesson built on the previous ones thus were progressively more difficult, the lesson length was just right (1-3 minutes). In my opinion there should be more of these types of lessons.

@ Vera

Yes but I assume most interviews are quite difficult?

@Guitario: Yes, Interviews are a bit more difficult. You’ll find a list on the blog post I mentioned above.

Some of the dialogues of “Ab jetzt lerne ich Deutsch! German Now!” have translations. At a later level I think there is no need for a translation and you should get used to use the LingQs to figure out the meaning. If you cannot get it, you can ask on the forum. I recommend to have a look at the later lessons on this collection or on “Ab jetzt lerne ich Deutsch! Privat!” and check if the level is appropriate for you. As you can see I’ve rated the difficulty of the collections. The order is from the easiest to the difficultiest collection.

Quelle histoire! ;D