Is it possible to improve tracking of the number of times you have listened to a lesson in the mobile app?

I’ve noticed a really frustrating problem with the mobile app (I use Android, not sure if iOS has the same issue). But basically the number of times I listen to a lesson gets inflated.

For example, I will listen to a lesson twice. If I look at the details of the lesson, at first it will show I have listened to it 2x. But eventually, if I refresh my lesson feed a couple of times in the app, it will show I listened to it 4, 5, even 6 times.

Another example. If I listen to a lesson in the mobile app 2x, the next time I access the desktop site, I will notice the number of listens is increased as well.

One other example I have noticed in the playlist. I have several lessons in my playlist and I notice the last lesson in the playlist always shows 1 more listen than what I actually did. The other lessons seem to track fine, it is just the last lesson that gets inflated.

Is there anyway to improve this? It may seem like a small detail, but it is frustrating as it adds up and really inflates my listening stats which I am trying to be conscious of.

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The Android app really needs improvements to fix some bugs.


Yes i also notice that problem! And i have posted that too: Hours Of Listening Duplicating When Click On Pause/Play, ...