Is it possible to import lessons from another language?

Hey! I saw that croatian has some guided courses that serbian doesn’t (the GLOSS ones), since I am learning from serbian, bosnian and croatian resources and import them all into my serbian one I would love to have these courses also in my serbian course so I don’t have to start with 0 lingqs.

Sadly I couldn’t figure out where the user got the GLOSS material from, otherwise I would’ve just imported it into my serbian course.

Is there any easy way to do that?

Thanks a lot!

I think this is possible. Just copy the text of the lesson and import it as a lesson to the language where you want it. The same with regard to the audio.
In order to copy the text you click on the lesson menue symbol (the three dots) and then on print lesson: you see the text and can copy it.
For the audio you have the download audio option in the lesson menue.


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