Is it possible to import into lingq a lesson not in one of the valid languages?

i’m strating to leran Thai and i was wondering if the lingq system could support it?

You can try loading a Thai lesson into some other language’s slot, but Thai probably isn’t going to work. Even if LingQ can handle the script, for the system to work properly you would want the site to be able to split the sentences into words (or at least syllables) for you…

If we can get enough content, for example enough mini-stories in Thai we will add it. We are going to be adding more languages going forward, I gather.

I have no ideas where it is on my language priorities list, but an Irish slot, even in beta at some point, or least some mini-stories would be good. (However LingQ’s team gets the content) It would probably be like Latin or Esperanto in terms of interest level, but it’s that “out there,” but has few resources. I think it would be neat for hobby interests if not for travel, immersion, reaching fluency, etc.

thanks for the quick repley! i have the first mini story in thai and i can get the first five stories translated. can i send it to you so you can add it?
thanks so much, i need to be in thailand in about a month from now and i want to get going.

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Zoran accepts the translations via e-mail (zoran at lingq dot com).

Hi thanks for the repley, i import it and i manage to get the word seperated, but ther is not text to speech option, is there a way that i can make it work?

Why not just open slots for all languages in a pre beta version or an invite for construction version? This would open up the productive capacity of the learners on this site. All languages are under construction anyway nothing is ever perfect or completed. This is the nature of language learning itself.


I second this,

I don’t think so because LingQ will have the wrong understanding of what language the word is supposed to be.