Is it possible to add a word from tag directly to vocabulary list?

Sometimes I see a conjugated verb. When I click on it, a tag displays a basic form of it.
I would like to add such a verb (or any tag word for that matter) to the list of my vocabulary, to learn using SRS. Is such a thing possible? It would make more sense to me than adding one, conjugated form as a flashcard.

You want to auto LINGQ base forms of conjugated words that you find? I don’t see that as an official LINGQ feature but I might add that to The AutoLingQ extension

That’s not possible at the moment, I am afraid. We’ll see if that’s something we can look into.

Similarly (in this case, Korean) I am wanting the suffixes of verbs to be separate flashcards.

For example, 얻네 - I would want two flashcards; the base verb 얻다, “to gain, win, get,” and ~네, the exclamatory form (at least that’s what the Naver dictionary says that is.)

Right now I don’t see any way to do that.