Is it possible: Edit original context

When I’m reviewing the multichoice LingQs, there are times when two answer options fit the original context. Example: Así que _______ comida tailandesa picante. (choices: pidieron, pidió).

Is is possible to edit the original context? I would like to add enough context so that only one answer would be correct.

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No, it’s not possible to edit the original context at the moment.

Really appreciate the fast response. I would have liked if I could do this, but not having it is a very minor issue for me. Thank you.

I found a workaround solution that I’m pleased with. Including detailed instructions because a couple of the steps were not intuitive.

  1. Add the check in the box next to the term(s) I want to edit in the vocabulary list.
  2. From the more actions menu, choose Export (this saves csv file to computer).
  3. With the term(s) still selected - select Remove from the more actions menu.
  4. Open the CSV file (with Excel or Google Sheets) and edit the material in the phrase column to your liking (this is the original context).
  • Also had to change column headers as follows
  • change hintlanguage1 to meaninglanguage1
  • change hint1 to meaning1
  1. In LingQ, on the vocabulary tab: choose Import Vocabulary.
  2. Click Browse button and locate your updated CSV file.
  • Do not click Clean import file button - it will cause an error (is this a bug?)
  1. Click Import - you should see a “Successfully Imported” message display.

I hope others find this helpful if they are trying to do the same thing.

Possible optimization request for LingQ:

  • Have the export file save with the same expected format (column headers) as required by the import.