Is it me or has something changed here?

Until a few days ago, I could skip a blue word entirely (in other words, simply read it and understand it) then tap on one blue word without changing the previous word(s) to yellow, which is what’s happening now, and driving me nuts plus making me waste a lot of time going back and marking these automatically yellowed words to known words, which I wouldn’t have to do if they had stayed blue in the first place.

I also believe I was able to read lessons in this way: I could tap a blue word to see what it means without converting it to a yellow word unless I took another step.

Has something changed? Is something wrong? Is it just me?

What you describe is not normal, Cheska. As far as I know, nothing has changed, certainly not in the way you describe.

Sounds like you have “Auto LingQ creation” option enabled under settings? If so, you can disable it under the settings on the Home Page, Reader Settings tab.


Thank you, Zoran! That’s what the problem was.

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These settings are kept in cookies in the user’s browser. If your browser tosses its cookies, if you delete them, or if you switch to a new browser or platform, then you’ll find yourself with the default settings until you change them. Wash, rinse, repeat.