Is it impossible to choose two tutors at the same time?

Today, I tried to choose a tutor of English, but if I choose one for English, my tutor of French is disappered
Is it impossible to choose two tutors at the same time?

PS…Although I sometimes use English section, I always have no point for English.

Aujourd’hui, j’ai essayé de choisir un tuteur pour anglais. Mais une fois que j’en ai choisi un pour anglais, le tuteur de français a disparu.
Est-il impossible de choisir deux tuteurs en même temps?

Hi Shigeharu,

You can only choose a Personal Tutor in one language, however, you can sign up for conversations with any tutor in any language any time you want. You can also submit writing and have it corrected in any language. Your Personal Tutor only sends you monthly reports.

if you have personal tutor in French, but you want your English submissions to be corrected by a specific tutor, just write it at the title of your submission. Usually it works :slight_smile: My personal tutor is Emma, Japanese. So, when I submit English writing, I type “2Helen”, “2Jonathan”, etc. It is like having personal tutors in several languages :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your information. So I don’t change my tutor.