Is it "Bye Bye Birdie" for Twitter? What do you think of Tumblr?

Some people think Tumblr (yes, that’s how it’s spelled) is much, much better than Twitter.
What about you? Do you use it?

I use Tumblr but you can’t really compare it with Twitter at all… I’ve never used Twitter, I don’t see the point of it, but I use Tumblr as kind of my… portfolio, well I post the things I make on it. It’s good if you only post pictures, songs, quotes, short texts etc, but for a real blog it’s horrible.

I have just tried it.

I think I prefer Twitter to Tumblr.

I think that Tumber is more flexible and more versatile than Twitter, and it is easier to use than ordinary blogging services. Twitter is a relatively simple communication tool, and its merits lie in the fact that it is not so versatile. I imagine that many of us like simple tools and minimalist software design.

Tumber → Tumblr

Thank-you Lisa and ytk031! I’ve been thinking about starting a blog…but I’m too shy (lol). I liked your tumblr account, btw…8(^^)8

Mait, if you think about a blog try It is very easy to use. I write my blog there, and the LingQ blogs (see the links on the bottom of this page) are written with Posterous too.

Thanks, Vera. Btw, your podcasts are great for improving reading skills.

You know, another thing I like about tumblr is that it’s so easy to customize the themes… I even wrote my own theme and I’m REALLY bad at css and html. (if anyone wants to see it: but… warning :stuck_out_tongue: there’s a profanity in the title, and the title is pretty big, so if you don’t want to see it or don’t want other people to see, don’t click!)
I always thought I was too shy for a blog too, but only pictures is not bad. And on Tumblr you don’t need to worry about getting no comments (that’s something I really worry about), it’s easier to trick people into thinking your blog is cool and succesful (like yourself, well, that’s what they think)! :smiley: Not that it matters though, but I usually feel pretty bad about giving people a link to my blog with 100 posts and 0 comments.


Are you sure that you are a teenager? You are way ahead of where I was at your age. Three of my cousins are Dutch. One of them is very bright like you…

I think that if Mait starts a blog, her blog would soon become very popular with the learners of foreign languages from around the world. I am sure of it.

That’s very kind of you to say. I’ve been mulling over the idea for a long time.

Why do you think my podcasts are great for improving reading skills?
Please try to write a blog. It’s an interesting experience.

I am going to take a look at this: “50 Terrific Twitter Tutorials for Teachers”

Regarding about very simple software, there is an interesting article that I read days ago:

It explains, according to the author, why very simple software may be success instead of offering a lot of features.

Keep It Simple, Stupid: Keep It Simple, Stupid | TechCrunch

Thank you, OscarP.

Well, I’m actually a 60 year old man, pretending to be a teenager… Haha, no, thanks :slight_smile: I can be very immature too though!

I fully agree, if Mait were to have a blog, I’d become a subscriber. Please, Mait, do it! Listen to Vera!

@ psychedelica: Well, I really am a 65 year old woman pretending to be 5 years old - sometimes I succeed. I did have a look at your amazing blog and shall return to it, was too tired last night.

@ OscarP: Thank you for the link .