Is it bad to use flashcards?

From what I have read, it’s not good to use flashcards. I have used flashcards and they helped but sometimes I don’t want to spend all my time reviewing words. I’m worried I might forget words. I prefer to read. Sometimes I don’t review words and I just read. What are your opinions on flashcards? Should I use them?

I find flashcards helpful for reviewing in preparation for reading and listening specific content. The key is to go through them quickly. If you do not know the answer in about 3-5 seconds concede that you do not know the word. Otherwise you will get bogged down.

That’s what flashcards help me with too. I’ll use them more often.

I think it depends on how you like to study and learn. I use flashcards irregularly, but I enjoy using them see words, phrases, and the connections between words and phrases. Some people spend a lot of time each day reviewing flashcards.

If I had more time I might do more of it. With the time I have available for language study, I prefer to read and listen. If you read enough, and create enough LingQs you will encounter these new words again and again and you will learn them. Either way is fine, in my view.

Ah that sounds good. And plus with reading I believe my french is improving.

If you do too much of any single activity, it will lead you to boredom. You need to strike a balance in your language studies. There is a space for Flashcards if you know how to prepare and use them. However, listening and reading will always give you most bang for your buck if you know what I mean.

You are right. I have been bored with flashcards. It’s not natural. I understand what you mean. I also like reading french online articles and watching french tv. So that’s better I suppose. I have a fear that I might forget most of the words. That’s why I use flashcards to memorise words. Thanks for your advice. :slight_smile:

I feel compelled to have a flashcard session at least once a day. Not because I enjoy it, but because I want to know how many words I recognize. To me, this is a fairly large indication of how far I’m progressing in the language. True, language is much more than just scattered words, and flash-carding isn’t usually enjoyable in its own right… but the more words I recognize, and the quicker I recognize them, the more confident I feel in my language-progression.

flash cards are my pre-game warm up. I use this program called Anki to help remember the Kanji characters and they have helped me so much. Flashcards are good but it’s best it you blend that with actual reading of the language you’re learning. After I use Anki, I like to look at Japanese new articles online or some Japanese short stories. Flashcards get so boring eventually because you just memorize words and it gets boring. With reading you get to see the words that you memorized and see them in context and you can add more words to your vocabulary. Language learning needs to be distributed in different aspects and that’s where you can the most out of you learning.

I know what you mean. I review my words with flashcards in my lessons after I’ve listened to the content.