Is Forum listing of "Recently Active Threads" updating?

A thread I replied to 4.5 hours (“Hellas”) ago is still listed as newest. Is this list being updated? Or has everyone gone away?

I suppose we’ll soon see, after I submit this.

Follow-up: Posting to the forum updated the list of threads. I could not–neither by clicking on “Forum” nor by reloading the page–otherwise make the list update from 4.5 hours before. I don’t know if the list is updating properly now or not, without submitting a post…

My reply (a minute ago) is listed as the newest, but I experienced some delay last week.

Thanks. It’s still slow, looks like. The thread I just replied to has not updated, even after several refreshes. But refresh is definitely now faster than an update every 4.5 hours.

Did you see, jeff_lindqvist, my post about Swedish and American babies? I unobservantly put it on the Swedish podcast forum

There is sometimes a delay for the Recent Active Threads list, but I find that it is typically up to the minute (as it seems to be right now).

I’ll have a look at your post, Ernie.