iPhone Playlists

Is there any way to view your iphone playlists from the website? For example, could I build a playlist on the computer (much easier than on the iPhone) but listen to it on the iPhone?

Also, is there a way to add an entire collection to a playlist? Or, alternatively, to listen to an entire collection instead of having to go through each lesson at a time?



You create playlists in iTunes on your computer. After synchronizing you listen to them on your iPhone.

Hi Ryan,

It isn’t entirely clear from your post whether you’re talking about playlists in iLingQ or in the Music app.

If you’re talking about iLingQ, you’ll have to do this from within the app itself. Perhaps in the future we can look at adding a way to synchronize playlists from your computer (which is something that I have also thought would be useful).

If you’re talking about playlists within iTunes, you can do as hape suggests.

Good luck!