Iphone app

the playilists keep erasing itselfs alone, if at least would be the option to open the app and see your last lessons would be great, because checking the last courses is very hard to find the last lesson i did (some courses have 50 lessons or more)

Also sometimes blue words dont appear, and i cant never mark a word i know, i must create a lingq and then put it in number 4.

hope all this problems can be fixed

Hmm, do you by chance remove courses through the app by swiping on the course and tapping on “Remove”?

I’m not sure I quite understand the other issue with blue words. If the blue words aren’t appearing, can you swipe down in the lesson to refresh it to see if that helps? Or, do you mean that the check mark isn’t working properly?

Regarding an option to see the last opened lesson, this is an excellent idea. Initially, the most recently accessed course should appear at the top of the course list (if it doesn’t, just swipe down to refresh it). However, I can see that it might be handy to have a way to go back to the last lesson you opened.

We’re currently working on some exciting updates in the app which I’m sure you’ll find useful. However, we’ll also keep this feature request in mind as we continue improving the app!