Iphone app crashes when "loading."

Performance has notably decreased in recent weeks. I now expect this thing to crash a half dozen times during “loading.” Eventually, it works but I am growing bored of wasting time and praying for this thing to work as it once did.

I put “loading” in quotes because I don’t think it is loading content. these are existing lessons to which i return again and again. I suspect it’s some account verification BS that’s throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

I get your wanting to protect your product. But, this or something else is tiring me as a paying customer.

On a potentially related note, when i access my lessons via your website on my desktop (with a very quick connection), it’s takes an embarrassingly long time to load my lessons.

In fact, one way to make this work more predictably is to put my phone on airplane mode and then reload lingq.

Are your servers overloaded? Maintenance during my timezone? Well intended IP and account protection spoiling the product? --All speculations offered in good faith.

I hope you sort this out soon. I love the concept of lingq but if performance doesn’t revert to a predictably acceptable level (which it once delivered month ago), I will naturally look elsewhere.

With respect and hope, D

@dw1 - Thanks for your feedback on this. We are working on performance enhancements for the site and are looking to continue optimizing things so that pages load quicker.

Regarding the app, would you be able to delete then reinstall the app to see if that helps? Also, do you notice any patterns regarding when it works and when it doesn’t work? Any more information here would be helpful in finding out what may be causing these issues.

I ignored your not-at-all situation-specific troubleshooting response.

but i am still suffering from the above described symptoms. And i’d encourage genuine recognition and awareness of the problem. The only fact i’d add to the above is that I am in Hong Kong. Could it be that you do some performance degrading ‘maintenance’ during American evenings, Asia daytimes?

–and for the avoidance of doubt, i have tried your restart/ reinstall suggestion, multiple times: no dice.

Either way, you are either 1. unaware of the aforementioned shoddiness of your iphone/ipad app or 2. can’t be bothered to improve the experience. hopefully, this thread relieves the first possibility. And i’d love to be a part of the solution if you’d like to have a thoughtful and specific dialogue. But, if we are dealing with the second circumstance, give me a good-faithed heads up so i can cancel my service.

Patiently but frustratingly, D

@dw1 - I appreciate your candidness, and I apologize for the general response to your issue. As I look at your post again, it is more clear what the issue you were reporting was. An issue we had with our 2.0 update to the app was that more LingQs in your lessons meant longer loading times. For the vast majority of members it doesn’t present a significant issue, but for the few with 50 or 100+ LingQs per lesson there is some sluggishness when reloading the lesson list. As far as I know it isn’t related to authentication or verification processes, but is rather limited by the hardware in the device. Of course, this hasn’t been without efforts on our end to optimize things.

You may have noticed that there haven’t been any major updates to the app over the past several months. This is because we’re working on a major updates to the app that will significantly improve the experience and add new functionality. Our focus has been almost entirely on the new update, as we feel it will be a major upgrade for everyone who uses the app. With limited developer resources we felt it best to get the new version out sooner rather than continue to polish up the existing version that will soon be replaced.

I hope this gives you better insight into where things stand.

In your post above, you mention that it was taking a long time to load lessons from your desktop computer as well. Is this still the case, or is it primarily with the app that you are noticing latency issues?

i’ve let my account lapse, but warmly welcome a big revamp to the app.
desktop experience much less important than app.
good luck.

Good thing I don’t have a Iphone. They’re a huge waste of money in opinion.

@dw1 - It’s coming very soon now… :slight_smile:

@dw1 This happens if your iphone goes to sleep before the lessons are loaded. And your’re right, it takes well over a minute for the lessons to load.

A work around is to increase the time before the iphone goes to sleep to 2 minutes or more.