Iphone app crashes after recent update

From the Portuguese Lessons page, if I tap on the arrow to the right of a lesson I’m working on to the Lesson Details page, the app now crashes if I touch either Times read or Times listened to increase the number.

The app has also crashed while listening to lessons, part way through. That is random though, occurring at different points in the lessons and sometimes not having any trouble. Listening through the Playlists page has no problems that I’ve noticed.

I haven’t tried the Daily LingQs page because I prefer the Top 25 flashcards that are only available on the website. Could that feature be added to the iPhone app at some point? Thanks.

@MaryThomas - We are aware of the counters causing the app to crash. We will fix that and push a new update as soon as possible. Regarding the Top 25, we have no plans to add it to the app so you will have to use the website for these LingQs for now.

Thanks. I can’t say for sure, but I think that when I listen using the recently updated iphone app, the amount of time I listen is not automatically transferred back to the web app. Maybe that’s a part of the counter issue…

It’s possible the two are related, but thanks for bringing this issue to our attention as well.