Having problems with the Japanese lessons on my iPad. Lots of text is missing and much of it is replaced with a variety of punctuation marks. I’ve tried reloading it a few times; no change. Lessons are okay on the site, though. Also my Italian lessons are working fine for both. Just wondered if I’m the only one this is happening to for Japanese

Is your problem similar to this problem I posted about a few hours ago in Chinese?

Every known word, not including status 4 LingQs, are not shown by the app when I study Chinese lessons. It is likely the same thing is happening for Japanese.

Very similar except I seem to have less characters on the screen than your Chinese lessons. :frowning: I haven’t noticed the LingQs primarily because the words aren’t there in the first place :slight_smile:

That makes sense. I have very few known words in Chinese that were not originally LingQs. Of my 236 known words, only 64 are not status 4 LingQs. Of your 4223 known words, 3953 are not status 4 LingQs. So these are 3953 words, a lot of which will be very common words, that do not appear on the app.

Hi! Would you be able to link me to one of the lessons where you’re experiencing this, and possibly send over a screenshot as well (to support [at] lingq.com)? We’ve got an upcoming version which includes various fixes, so I can test this in the latest test version.

I just did a quick test with Japanese, and this is the exact same problem as the one I reported with Chinese.

OK, thanks. Hopefully this should also be fixed on the new version then!

I’ve just done the screen shot and will send it now. Thanks