iPad II or iPad Mini?

For some time I’ve been thinking I should get one of these tablet-gizmos - und nun ist es endlich so weit.

The only question is: do I go for an iPad II or iPad Mini?

Can anyone explain what the advantage of the iPad II is? (I mean, apart from the obvious fact that it has a larger screen.)

Is there any other significant advantage to the larger device? I don’t mind shelling out extra, but I don’t see paying just to have a larger screen. If I understand the info on Apple’s website, the exact same apps can be used on both, right? (And I imagine that goes for LingQ’s app too??)

Any suggestions?

He difference is not just about the screen size. The main duifference to me is the weight. The iPad II is very heavy compared to the mini. I have the mini and it is a very nice weight, and the screen is big enough. My recommendation is go for the mini.

p.s. the app works fine on the Mini and I assume the other one too. The website also works well on the iPad.

Thanks Colin. Yes, I am inclined to get the mini. (I do like the idea of something like this being pocket-sized.)

I can just about fit it in my front pocket, but I cannot walk if I do. For me, the weight is everything since I will be holding it up the entire time.

You guys must have big pockets! I don’t think I could fit even the mini in even the largest pocket in the largest pair of pants I have.

Not to sound like an android fanboy, but why are you going the ipad route? On my student budget I bought a Nook Tablet used on craiglist and rooted it to have Android Ice Cream Sandwich. It’s perhaps not as streamlined, but I like it better than my mother’s Ipad 2. Admittedly I got a good deal on the tablet, but I only paid 90 dollars. I do not have 3g, but there are plenty of options on android.

My pocket is normal size for a pair of jeans and I can stuff the mini into it, but it is terribly uncomfortable and looks ridiculous. I went for the iPad because I like the apple products.

I would personally go for a large tablet size because I use my ipad to watch TV and to read comics - I don’t like having to use “guided view” when reading comics on a smaller screen… I also sometimes write and prepare documents using my ipad. But if you don’t do those things, the smaller screen size is fine, and would be more comfortable for text reading.

I actually don’t use LingQ much on my ipad because I can’t highlight phrases on my own. I have to accept the way the “auto-highlighter” has done it, and that doesn’t always work too well for Japanese. And for French, I often want to highlight longer phrases, and I can’t do that. So, since I don’t always carry my laptop with me, the end result is that I don’t use LingQ as much as I otherwise would - just when I have my computer.

But, basically, there’s no substantial difference between the two. The ipad Mini has a higher screen resolution than the ipad 2.

I thought the new big iPads have the high res screens, but I don’t know.

I think there is a big difference between the two and which one is better depends on the needs of the user. The big one is better for the things you described, and the small one is better in terms of portability and weight.


Actually I did consider Android, but I kind of like Apple products. (And most people I know tell me the iPad is just a little nicer to use and has more/better apps…)


Thanks. Yeah, there is some food for thought there - it would certainly be nice to work on documents with a larger screen-size. On the other hand, I still prefer the idea of getting something very portable. I wouldn’t have issues watching video on a smaller screen, I think. Hmm, well, I’ll have to think it over.

I’ve sweated over this, but I’m gonna go with the iPad Mini 32GB.

Thanks for the advice guys :wink:

Another option would be no iPad/tablet at all. I bought mine, an ipad 32GB 4th gen half a year ago and it has not been worth it. I was hoping for a device that would give me everything I do with my laptop in a portable format. Well, it hasn’t lived up to that expectation. Here is why:

I find typing on the screen keyboard very uncomfortable.

Data transfer from and to ipad very cumbersome, you cannot hook up an external usb drive.

A lot of software I use on my laptop is not available.

Manipulation with your index finger is much less precise/convenient than with a mouse.

A very rigid and closed system that gives you much less room to customize your system. ipad versions of popular programs such as skype or youtube offer less control in the app version.

Cannot play back movies stored on a usb harddrive.

I only find myself using the ipad for some reading on the train our quick check of some internet sites becuse it starts up immediately, now that is obviously a plus compared to a laptop but still, I don’t think it was really worth the investment for me.

ps.: made some typos above and it took me so much longer than necessary to correct them because placing of the cursor is such a pain on the ipad. BTW, how can one simply move the cursor back or forward like whithe the arrow keys on a hardware keyboard?

Friedemann is right on with everything he said.

I think there are definetly reasons to have a tablet, though. In my case, I have it because its cheaper for me to have a tablet for mobile computing than a smartphone. If I had a smartphone (as I did in the past) I probably would put the tablet in the bookcase with all the books my Kindle e-reader has replaced. Carrying the phone around is just so much easier. And there are plenty of phones with some huge screens these days, not much smaller than that of the Ipad Mini!

Just checked some forums and confirmed that the ipad does not have the arrow functions of a conventional keyboard. Not even hidden somewhere. I find that amazing. I mostly find myself erasing complete words with typos because precise placing the cursor with the finger is so difficult. Furthermore, once younhave corrected a word, how do you hop over the letters behind the typo without an arrow key? Again, the only way seema to use your index finger which I still havn’t gotten used to. It is amazing how apple could cast that magic spell on consumers including myself. They are true marketing geniuses.

To give them some credit I have to say that I really like my ipod touch, even though I use it almost entirely as an mp3 player only. I find reading websites on such a small device not enjoyable at all and the battery is drained very quickly.

ps.: found just out that the ipad virtual keypad does not even have a delete key, so you cannot simply delete a letter before the cursor by hitting delete, you have to place the cursor before it and hit backspace. what a hassle.

The missing arrow function is a real pain in the Hintern, but other than that, I really like the iPad Mini. I use it everyday for a huge number of things. I guess it is not for everybody. Typing on the keyboard is also slow, and I find a bit painful if I type more than a few sentences.

Friedemann, it sounds to me like you really need to get a stylus.

And no delete function either…

Do you mean the function on a normal keyboard where you delete text when are typing? I have this on my iPad.

The one that allows you to delete the letter to the right of the current cursor position. I have the backspace (deletes the letter left to the cursor) on my ipad but I don’t think I have the delete key.

@Friedemann "I mostly find myself erasing complete words with typos because precise placing the cursor with the finger is so difficult. Furthermore, once younhave corrected a word, how do you hop over the letters behind the typo without an arrow key? Again, the only way seema to use your index finger which I still havn’t gotten used to. "

Probably you need a Vim or something of the sort for your iPad/tablet :wink:

@ Friedemann - You are right, I have not got that one either. I do not use it on my normal computer because I prefer to use the arrows and only delete things in the backwards direction, but I guess that works for me because I have arrows. It is a pain to fix mistakes on the iPad.