Ios update - Optimize words splitting using AI?

In the latest iOS update, an option has appeared in the reader’s settings menu that says: “Optimize words splitting using AI.”

What does it do when it’s enabled? How does it work?

On the web, I know that when editing a lesson, there is a button that says “RE-split text with AI,” which re-separates all the words of all the sentences in the lesson (it takes a while). What does the new iOS option do? What’s the diference?


@zoran Could you please give us an answer? Thank you!

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Sorry about the late reply @srdurden . That is basically the same option as the one on the web you mentioned, implemented on the app too now.

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@zoran , but how does it work?

In the web version, editing a lesson triggers a re-split of the entire lesson. In the iOS version, you can’t modify a lesson, right? As far as I know, you can only modify individual sentences.

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