iOS sentence mode audio won't stop playing

On iOS devices, in sentence mode, sometimes when I play the audio of a sentence, it would keep playing the rest of the audio (even though all my timestamps are correct).
It doesn’t happen all the time. When I switch from page view to sentence view, the first sentence would play normally (playing only that sentence). But if I stay in the sentence view, and move to another sentence and then play the audio, the audio would not stop automatically at the end of the sentence.

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Thanks, we will investigate the issue.

Following up here, can you please send a video and a specific lesson it happens in? You can send it to support(at)


Same problem like this guy. Link video.

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@Mikola_gal Thanks a lot, video helps a lot. We will look into the issue.

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Same issue. On iPad. Plus when I go into ‘edit sentence’’ the time stamp is correct but audio doesn’t stop. … I adjust it - replay - adjust - replay etc and after a number of times doing that it will eventually work properly. Not a fix though - much too time consuming.

Do you have the latest app version installed?

I think so? LingQ v5.2.9 (0)

I just upgraded to LingQ v5.2.10 (1). I’ll try again

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I have upgraded to LingQ v5.2.10 (1). I have tried some of my own courses, and also the LingQ mini stories and it still has the same problem.

Thanks, we will investigate the issue again.