iOS sentence mode audio not working

Hi, I recently started using Sentence Mode, which is pretty awesome on the computer. I also do quite a bit of my Lingq work on my iPhone and iPad as well, and I have found that if you cut an audio file into clips, it does not play in sentence mode on iOS. The same clips work great on my computer though. Just to note, if there is no audio clips uploaded and only TTS, the TTS on sentence mode works fine.

Is this a known issue, or is there maybe something I can try to get it working properly? Thanks very much.

I see the latest ios app release today fixed this issue. Tried it out and its working great. Thank you! Being able to use this mode on the go is a game changer for me. Much appreciated.

Great, glad to hear it works fine now. I asked our iOS developer to look into it and seems like he was fast to fix it. :slight_smile: