iOS app: strange fonts in Russian lessons

I have been studying the ‘История Нины’ Russian course (Login - LingQ) and have noticed that on the app, the text fonts are somewhat weird and don’t match the website. For example, in the fourth lesson, the lesson looks like this on the app

But on the website, it looks like this

I find the font on the app somewhat difficult to read.

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It is the same on Android and doesn’t have to do with any language slots or scripts.

LingQ has once turned down the formatting feature, that had existed before, as you may recall, but the data obviously still contains formatting from older and imported lessons, while mobile apps probably use some limited HTML.

The font you see is, however, just Russian italics. You have to get used to it sooner or later anyway :slight_smile:

Thanks. I did not use the older LingQ. I only arrived on these shores very late last year.

Russian italics write “T” as “m”. That’s normal, also in hand writing.

That’s normal, also in hand writing.

In fact, it’s even the only way to write “т” in Russian handwriting! :slight_smile:

I love it. More italics!