iOS app keeps resetting reading location back to the last time I viewed on a web page

I have been using Lingq on my iPhone for a long time (couple of years?) and it has been working great. A couple of days ago, I logged in via a web page on my computer. After that, the next time I opened what I was reading on my iPhone, the location was set to where I left off from the webpage. Good, so far. I read a bit on my iPhone and advanced a bit. When I came back to read some more later, my location was reset to the last location set by the web page.

I have tested this back and forth, and I am now in a state where I can only set my reading location via web page. This makes the app cumbersome and too difficult to use. If this isn’t fixed, then I may unsubscribe and choose a different way to parse my reading material (I’m not using “lingq’s”, really. I’m only using the app as a reader and fast translator for any words I don’t know).

Thanks, I asked our iOS developer to look into it. Will let you know when I hear back.

Can you please email us directly from the iOS app so that we can check your logs and try to identify the issue? Thanks!