iOS App is consistently crashing

I’m struggling to maintain a session longer than 10 minutes while reading a lesson. This started happening when the latest app updated. I don’t know how to send a crash report, let me know if there is anything I can do!

What device and iOS system version are you using?

14 Pro Max
iOS 16.6.1 (20G81)
LingQ Version 5.3.19 (6)

It often occurs when I’m clicking on a word, less of when I’m performing any other action on the app.

Thanks, we will check that.

Just a note that it’s still happening multiple times a day when I’m interacting with the dictionary pop up.

It just happened to me when beginning to type in the box to edit a definition.

[Tally of crashes when clicking on dictionary entry box]
oct 31: 7

I’m still facing some really significant amount of crashes each day @zoran - is there anyway I can roll back an iOS version to go to the one before?

The crash issue should be fixed in the latest update. What app version do you have installed at the moment?

It seems the opposite for me where I began to crash multiple times a day since the last update!

LingQ version has not changed from where I mentioned it above, 5.3.19 (6).